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Anonymous asked: Hey beautiful how was your day? Hope it was great! ♡♡

very unproductive despite the fact i swore to myself it WOULD be productive oopsie daisy 

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Anonymous asked: you don't have the ability to know what the world would be like without you. EVERYONe that knows you would be affected. your life has a bigger impact than you may think, your worth is immeasurable. don't let anyone (even those thoughts that creep up) tell you any differently.

thanks babe

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Anonymous asked: yeah us anons are all out to get you and are just stoopid and deserve to be belittled by your responses. Jesus C you can learn something from everyone in life including the bums in the street.

shut up you’re boring me at this point

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Anonymous asked: what happened did you and mike break up

no we didn’t, don’t get your hopes up

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Anonymous asked: do you have a nickname for your cunt?

nice try laura

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Anonymous asked: youre a cunt with shitty eyebrows that doesnt deserve anything that you have from your friends to your boyfriend and you cant take criticism and yet youre always the first to judge everyone good job cunt

i deserve all the goodness in the world, and i’ll continue to thrive in my wonderful life with my wonderful people all while having the pleasure of knowing that it’s making you mad angel xx

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Anonymous asked: all you do is bitch about your boyfriend grow the fuck up either break up with him or be a grown up and realize that he can look at other people and it is not a crime

i mean, it’s great that you think you know why i “bitch about my boyfriend” and everything, but let’s be real: you don’t know our issues or why i whine about it, so instead of getting all worked up over *my* relationship and vague complaints, why don’t you worry about your own (if you have one, which i doubt, because you’re obviously lonely if you’re THAT invested in mine)

also it’s hard to take your “be a grown up” seriously when you’re sending me an anonymous message that reflects the intelligence/attitude/maturity of a sixth grader

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Anonymous asked: what do your REAL friends think about jordan coming?

if that’s an implication that jordan isn’t a *real* friend then you can take that statement and shove it right back into your ignorant mouth because she’s been more of a friend to me than anyone i’ve ever known

but to answer your question, my OTHER friends don’t really have an opinion on it because it’s none of their business and doesn’t affect their lives whatsoever, similarly to how it’s /also/ none of your business and /also/ doesn’t affect you

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Anonymous asked: JFC guys. It's perfectly okay to disagree with someone's opinion, but to be hateful is another story. If all you can do is flood Angela with shit anytime she says the smallest thing you don't agree with you need to try to reevaluate. There's a person behind that computer. Watch your words. Be a suture, not a sword.

i appreciate the sentiment but your wasting your breath because people like that will *always* have to have the last word, will *always* have to be right, will *always* have to be THAT person

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Anonymous asked: not caring about something because your intention wasn't bad is a great way to never learn

that’s fine but this is the internet and i don’t need life lessons from someone who’s so bored that they decide to pick apart things i say for the sake of starting trouble and so cowardly that they have to hide behind anonymity. i’m perfectly intelligent and capable on my own, thanks!

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Anonymous asked: i feel like it's insensitive to the problems of LGBT people when you say you want to be gay because "guys are dumb" just my two cents

honestly i could say i like bacon and someone would twist it around to make it sound insensitive so i honestly don’t give a shit at this point because being offensive is never my intention

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Anonymous asked: then get a girlfriend if it sounds so great

except that i’m soooooooo beyond straight that it hurts

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Anonymous asked: " i swear sometimes i wish i was gay" no u don't

no i’m serious because boy brains are only a totally different plane than ours and they’re so stupid and rude like at least if i was gay i’d have someone who thinks intelligently aka female

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Anonymous asked: so you've never met jordan but she's staying at your house for a week? isn't that weird?

if you’re asking this question then you’ve clearly never met a friend on the internet before that you felt so heavily connected to that it literally does not matter the circumstance in which you started talking because you feel like you’ve known them your entire life so i can’t really explain it to you

but no, it’s not weird at all, it’s actually really fantastic

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Anonymous asked: 1,5,7,12,17,21,22

1. Are looks important in a relationship?
they are to an extent and anyone that says otherwise is lying for the sake of not sounding superficial but the fact of the matter is it’s human nature to desire and love the people that make you all what’s this tingly feeling in my downstairs

5. Are you in love?
heck yeah it sucks but is also great

7. Can you commit to one person?
obviously or i’d be single

12. Do you forgive betrayal?
i always forgive because it takes way too much energy and time to hold a grudge or worrying about things that happened because you can’t change them you can only move forward so yeah i try to live by that but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to punch everyone who hurt me in the face

17. Do you like kissing in public?
i mean it’s not my favorite thing but if the moment calls for it then you gotta do what you gotta do

21. Do you think someone has feelings for you?
well i’d hope my boyfriend but

22. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
see answer to question 21

that’s great more please :*

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